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Culture and Heritage work


Once I sat on the steps by a gate at David’s Tower,
I placed my two heavy baskets at my side.
A group of tourists was standing around their guide
and I became their target marker.
“You see that man with the baskets?
Just right of his head there’s an arch from the Roman period.
Just right of his head. But he’s moving, he’s moving!”
I said to myself: redemption will come only if their guide tells them,
“You see that arch from the Roman period?
It’s not important: but next to it, left and down a bit,
there sits a man who’s bought fruit and vegetables for his family.
Yehuda Amichai, z"l
Barcino Roman towers, oil by traveling artist


Jewish Community and Culture

1997, founding member of Comunitat Jueva ATID de Catalunya, first WUPJ congregation in Spain.
Involvement in the community with culture, education and leadership responsibilities, such as


creation and edition of monthly newsletter HINENI
seminars and workshops: Jewish Genealogy, Chevrah Kadishah
Heritage Program for Bar and Bat Mitzvah Course
conferences/debates with local and international guests speakers
founder and coordinator of Jewish Genealogy Group
Sephardi Music recitals
consultant to exhibits, documentaries and publications by cultural institutions
contribution to UNESCO Catalunya publications
programming for European Day of Jewish Culture
juror Jewish section of Girona Film Festival
collaboration with Barcelona Jewish Film Festival
collaboration with I Conference for the Study of the Jews in Catalan Speaking Lands

Jewish Heritage

Collaboration with the World Monument Fund Jewish Heritage Program and my work, have earned me
recognition as an activist in this field.


created Urban Cultours project to revisit Jewish past from a present and dynamic
Jewish perspective.


Jewish Spain info, created as a single point of reference and information about the different
expressions of Jewish life in Spain.
Addressed to those iving in Spain, wish to visit or consider moving. A resource to learn about
and enjoy our culture and tradition, contributing with its continuity, development and promotion.

Co-Founder Heritage Commission of the Jewish Communities of Catalonia, representing
the local congregations. Initiatives included:
- petition of 'Landmark Designation' for the Middle Ages Jewish cemetery in Barcelona
  with Center of Studies of Montjuïc. Granted June 2009 by Catalan Government
- collaboration with 'Guide for the Call' published by Ajuntament of Barcelona
- collaboration for "Shalom Tarragona", book about historic Jewish quarters
- actions to preserve Jewish cemeteries in Tárrega, Lucena and Toledo
- proposal to the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain to protect cemeteries


- Jewish Film Festival in Barcelona
- Girona Film Festival, Jewish section; President of the Jury. 1999, 2000
- Mosaic of Cultures, curator for Jewish section, for exhibit by Ethnographic Museum. 2001
- Barcelona European Day of Jewish Culture
- Karakia the food of cultures in Catalunya, collaboration w/Catalunya TV33, 2003. Chapter 1 - Chapter 2
- Parliament of the World Religions in Barcelona, Unesco, 2004

Co-Founder Center of Studies ZAKHOR for the Protection and Transmission of Jewish Heritage.
Activities ended December 2012

Co-Director Boundaries of Middle Ages Jewish Cemetery of Barcelona on Montjuïc
completed December 2012 (English version in progress)


Representante de las Comunidades judías de Barcelona en el Consell Parc de Montjuïc

Articles and other publications

To whom does Jewish history belong?
for Hineni, newsletter of Jewish Community ATID, 2004

In the discovery of Jewish past in Spain
Center of Studies ZAKHOR, november 2007

The Jewish cemetery of Montjüic in Barcelona
Center of Studies ZAKHOR, Raíces Magazine, october 2008

Ancient Jewish cemeteries in Spain, the need for a dialogue
with Center of Studies ZAKHOR for Revista Raíces nº 78, march 2009

Funerary tradition in Judaism (in Catalan)
with Center of Studies Zakhor (ed.). Lleonard Muntaner, Editor
Col·lecció Mónjuïc/2, 2010, 100 p. ISBN: 978-84-92562-12-1

Hannukah lights in el Call
for Hanukkah Stories by Nancy Rips (2011, Frederick Fell Publishers, 9780883911976)

Middle Ages Jewish Cemetery in Barcelona on Montjuic, IX c. to XIV c.
Co director research to define its boundaries, with Center of Studies Zakhor
On-line version in Spanish and English. Shortly printed version.

Lectures, Presentations and teaching

Jewish revival in Spain in the 20th century
The Sephardi Center. Toronto, Canada, 2002

Liberal Judaism in the context of Spain
Orangienburgestrasse Synagogue. Berlin, Germany, 2003

Jewish communities and Jewish history in Catalonia today
B'nai B'rith Nahmanides. Barcelona, Spain, 2007

Ancient Jewish cemeteries: a long debate
Entesa Judeo Cristiana de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, 2008

The role of women in Judaism
Federació d'Ensenyants de Religió de Catalunya, UnescoCat & Direcció General d'Afers Religiosos
de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Girona, Spain, 2010

Jewish presence in the cultural and historical legacy in Barcelona
Rotary Club de Pedralbes. Barcelona, Spain, 2011

Jewish roots in Barcelona
Activity in the Seminar on Holocaust and Education for professors.
Offered yearly by B'nai B'rith Nahmanides, Institut d'Educació de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona
and Centro Sefarad Israel. Barcelona, Spain, since 2012

A virtual visit to the Jewish cemetery on Montjuïc in Barcelona
Association ÓVÁS! protección de valores culturales y arquitectónicos. Budapest, Hungría, 2013

New information about the Jewish cemetery on Montjuïc in Barcelona
Society for Sefardic Studies - Third International Conference. Girona, Spain, 2013
"Family, Society and Daily Life in the Sefardi World"

Technical architecture dialogues. Today: Jewish cemetery on Montjuïc
Association of Catalan Architects and Association of Architects for the Defense and Protection
of Architectural Heritage. Barcelona, Spain, 2014

The soul of Heritage: Ancient Jewish cemetery on MontjuIc, Barcelona (video)
35th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy. Jerusalem, Israel, 2015

L’ànima del patrimoni: l’antic cementiri jueu a Montjuïc
V Congrès per a l'estudi dels jueus en territoris de llengua catalana
Institut d'Estudis Món Juïc. Barcelona, 2015

A return, or a turn to Sepharad? Rebuilding Judaism in the 20 c.
Cantors Assembly Mission to Spain. 2016

Funerary tradition in Judaism and the Cemetery on Montjuïc in the Middle Ages
Field visit and special class. High school Institut Bosc de Montjuïc, Barcelona. 2016

Jewish Contribution to the Urban Development of European Cities
International Workshop
ÓVÁS! Association. Budapest, 2017

Call of Barcelona: visit in memory of a community - 11 to 14 centuries
Associació del Museu de la Ciència i la Tècnica i d’Arqueologia Industrial de Catalunya. 2017

Visiting the Jewish Cemetery on Montjuïc, Espai Avinyó BCN Interculturalitat. 2017

The soul of the City: Ancient Jewish cemetery on Montjuïc
Antropología Social, Escola de Geografía i Història. Universitat de Barcelona. 2017

Trazas urbanas: La Barcelona judía de ayer y de hoy
Antropología Urbana, Facultat de Geografía i Història. Universitat de Barcelona. 2018

PRESENTACIÓ de LLIBRE: La Tradició Funerària en el Judaïsme
Institut d'Estudis de Món Juïc at Casa Adret Barcelona. 2018

A Jewish minority in Christian Catalunya
Virgina Wesleyan University, overseas program at CEA. Barcelona. 2018

BET AALMIM la casa per a l'eternitat: el cementiri jueu de Montjuïc, Barcelona
Call Barcelona Wines & Books. Barcelona. 2018

La comuniad judía de Barcelona: Presente, Legado y huellas
Centro Sefarad Israel. Madrid. 2018

100 years of Jewish life in Barcelona
Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston at ATID. Barcelona. 2018

Huellas judías de ayer y de hoy en Barcelona
Red de Mujeres Judías Argentinas. Buenos Aires. 2018

La comunidad judía de Barcelona, ayer y hoy
Antropología Urbana, Facultat de Geografía i Història. Universitat de Barcelona. 2018

Jews in the 20th century
Barcelona Guide Bureau Continuing Education program. 2019

Patrimonis Inter-Culturals link to news
SOS Monuments. Associació per la defensa cívica del Patrimoni Cultural. Barcelona. 2019

Auschwitz 75 years: Contemporary identities.
Round table moderator link to program
EL BORN Center of Culture and Memory. Barcelona. 2020

The pandemic made me start a new line of work, sharing my knowledge on-line.
This proved to be a very effective way to offer information plus allowing access to participants
without the need to travel, regardless of where in the world they are.
Along 2020 and 2021 I could reach out to international and local congregations, institutions, historical societies,
families and groups of friends.

DECIDIM Barcelona
Presentation of proposal to give visibility to the ancient Jewish cemetery
Organized by Jewish Communities of Barcelona. 2020

Classrooms without Borders. Pittsburgh. 2020
session Jewish contributions to Spain in the 20c

VIII Simposio Internacional de Estudios Sefaradíes videos
del Centro de Investigación y Difusión de la Cultura Sefaradí, CIDiCsef. 2021
Ponencia: El alma del patrimonio, antiguo cementerio judío en Montjuïc, Barcelona

Europe’s Living Religious Heritage program
by: Future for Religious Heritage FRH
Conference 2021: Continuity in Community Connection and Dialogue
session: Adding SOUL to Jewish Heritage

MORESHET legado de la historia judía en España
programa educativo para jóvenes adultos
organizado por Plataforma cultural judía Mozaika, Barcelona. 2021
sesión: Antiguos cementerios judíos en España

Education and Training, Professional affiliations, attendance to Conferences

1977 Master of Architecture, University of Buenos Aires. Argentina
2006 The Beutel Seminar for Progressive Jewish Leadership, WUPJ, Israel
2007-2008 Master in Jewish Studies, Hebrew University & Barcelona University

American Institute of Architects - AIA Continental Europe (European chapter)
Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya, COAC (Catalan Architects Association)
Architects in Defense and for the Intervention on Architectural Heritage, AADIPA Catalonia
SOS Monuments, for the civic defense of Cultural Heritage, Catalonia
The Society for Sefardic Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

2004 The Future of Jewish Heritage in Europe
International Conference in Prague, Czech Republic (participant)
Hanadiv Charitable Foundation

2006 Jewish Heritage in Europe
Experts’ Meeting, London
organized and invited by Hanadiv Charitable Foundation

2013 Managing Jewish immovable heritage in Europe
Working Seminar, Krakow, Poland (participant)
Rothschild Foundation Europe, David Berg Foundation, Cahnman Foundation,
the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, World Monuments Fund


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